Why AR and VR are the future

Chief Innovation and Growth Officer at OptoFidelity, overseeing growth strategies, strategic innovation direction, branding and marketing.

We are changing with technology

As the metaverse develops at an accelerated pace, the expansion of AR, VR and MR is inevitable. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst in creating a virtual world where we can experience many of the same social events and interactions that we enjoy in the physical world. Company investments are shifting, and the performance of head-mounted displays (HMDs) and other smart device technology will progress with it. Take the following statistics into consideration:


• According to BCG and Mordor Intelligence survey, the current market value for AR/VR/MR is around $30.7 billion, and the market size worldwide of the AR/VR/MR market is to rise to $300 billion by 2024.


• Seven percent of the U.S. population uses VR, and 28.1% use AR monthly, based on an Insider Intelligence and eMarketer report.


• Upskill predicts that 6 million smart glasses will equip U.S. workers in two years.

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